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Colour Me Quilted is a Long Arm Quilting service located in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

I have been quilting for over 20 years and have been long arm quilting for the past 7 years.

Not everyone enjoys the quilting process. Some people just like to
piece and then their job is done. This is why long arm quilters exist!
Don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t love! Enjoy the process of piecing and then happily hand your creations off to be professionally quilted.

Together we will design a quilt that you will be proud to use, display, or give to someone special.

I provide many different levels of quilting to suit your needs and budget. From simple edge to edge right up to heirloom, let me know what you are looking for to complete your project and we can make sure that your quilt comes home looking better than you imagined!

I also provide a basting service, perfect for hand and domestic machine quilters. Using water soluble thread you will have no worries about getting your thread or anything else tangled up in those hundreds of safety pins traditionally used for basting.

I stock a wide selection of thread to ensure that you always have the perfect colour and I carry a variety of batting, or you are free to provide your own.

All edge to edge designs are done on a computerized machine to ensure they are perfect every time. Custom quilting is done freehand so I can take care of every tiny little detail close up and personal!

I have won awards locally and internationally and have had the privilege of quilting for international designers as well.

Colour Me Quilted
104 Oakside Drive, 

Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

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Colour Me Quiilted is a Long Arm quilting service located in Uxbridge, Ontario.
Fully dedicated to helping you bring your quiilting projects to completion, with a range of services from simple edge to edge, all the way up to show stopping heirloom quilting.